Mark (mhaithaca) wrote in scotlandtravel,

4/9: Looking for Keith

We eventually found someone in Dundee who could tell us where Keith's street was -- but as it was right by the football stadium where tonight's national quarterfinal game (or something like that) between Dundee and Falkirk was being played, we decided it would be crazy to try to navigate that area.

Edinburgh was where we planned to spend our last night, before driving across to Glasgow first thing in the morning. But nothing downtown seemed affordable or worth staying in, and rather than poke around, we decided to head for Glasgow and just stay in one of the hotels by the airport, so as to skip the rush-hour drive. Just as well; there's some construction on the M8, and our drive from Edinburgh would probably have taken much longer in the morning than it did tonight. It was about an hour from the St. James Place parking garage in Edinburgh to the petrol station at the airport, where we topped up the car before we return it in the morning.

Before bed, I called my friend Beth, to whose surprise going-away party I'd been invited but couldn't attend. I was pleasantly surprised to find her cell phone number in my Palm, so I gave her a ring late in the two-hour stretch of evening Sharon had told me the party was scheduled for. Beth was very surprised to hear from me... and very drunk!

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