Mark (mhaithaca) wrote in scotlandtravel,

4/8: Exploring Inverness

We walked into the hotel dining room at 9:59 for the included breakfast that ended at 10:00. (Yeah, we should've gotten moving quicker.) Instead of finding nothing at all, or stuff being rapidly put away, we were seated by a waitress who said "Let me go tell the chef there are more guests." (It probably didn't hurt that we walked in at the same time as another party.) He came out and fried up some more eggs, which were thus nice and fresh. The only thing missing was the haggis; that dish was just about empty, and I got about a spoonful.

The Ramada is really the Ramada-Jarvis, a very old hotel called the Jarvis that recently affiliated with Ramada. The original was destroyed by fire a couple of decades ago, but there's a neat poster behind the registration desk showing what the old hotel looked like, and listing very old room rates.

We left our car in the convenient hotel parking lot (one of the good reasons to stay there had been the free parking) while we wandered back up to the tourist info center and looked things over. We also checked out the computer store across from the hotel, and tried unsuccessfully to find a place I could plug my laptop in for net access. Everyone wanted to sell me time on their machines. The tourist center had net access for about a third the price of the Mailboxes Etc. that everyone had thought would let me plug in the laptop (they wouldn't), so I skimmed mail there.

We poked around the Inverness Castle, which at this point is the sheriff's office and the city court. It opened for tours in the afternoon, but we decided not to wait around. On the way back to the car, we stopped at the McDonald's on the corner for the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry that Denise had had her eye on all week.

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