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4/7: Arriving in Inverness

Inverness, the city at the northeast corner of Loch Ness, was probably the prettiest city we saw during our trip. (There were prettier small towns, but Inverness is a serious city.)

When we hit Inverness, there were a couple of pretty tiny-looking B&Bs on the outskirts, then we were in city. The little blue "i" signs pointing to the tourist info center were quite confusing, so we pulled into a parking lot and asked a car mechanic for directions. He gave us very clear and good directions, mentioning the "Johnny Fox's" pub on a corner. The tourist center was closed, but we were now right downtown, with several hotels around.

We walked into the Ramada first; it was next door to the pub, which looked fun and worth trying. We asked their room rates, £70 bed & breakfast for the two of us, and on the way out noticed the indoor swimming pool and hot tub! We then spotted two hotels across the river, and walked across the bridge to check on their rates. Both were more expensive, so we went back and took the Ramada up on their room.

Since the mechanic had mentioned Johnny Fox's, we went in there for dinner. They were pretty slow, but the food and draft beer were excellent! The haggis appetizer sticks out in my memory, a month later. Then we went back to the hotel and relaxed in the hot tub, pool, and steam room until they closed the health club, then went upstairs and watched Shrek on my laptop.

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